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Exhibition stand suppliers

Activteam exhibition stand suppliers, is the foremost address when seeking out for custom exhibition stands. With remarkable exhibition design and manufacturing expertise, delivering world-class exhibition stand design and build options for businesses and world wide brands looking to find a cutting-edge and specialized exhibition approach.

When researching for exhibition stand suppliers, is important to keep in mind the expenses of your trade show presentation prior to start a campaign. Even though trade show demonstration is costly, it may be highly financially gratifying to your organization, which is really worthy the time to research for an improved solution. Marketing companies are quite costly instead of appropriate for every single company. An exhibitor need to have an review that the expense remains in a great financial location before investing.

With very high trained designers and personnel, Activteam is within the exhibition stand suppliers, the first selection for several global acting companies and brands, when presenting in the UK, Germany, Italy, France, Netherlands, Switzerland Spain and the UAE. Having customized exhibition stand solutions, top quality exhibition booth manufacturing for every single industry, helping multinational acting companies and brands to be prominent.

New product release or preserve current customers are diverse targets and involve a different approach in exhibition stand presentation and design. Activteam exhibition stand designs are lined up with exhibition marketers that assist exhibitors to develop their message and presentation combining the information and messaging with the proper exhibition design concept. Create an outstanding exhibition stand in accordance with your marketing strategy and goals.

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Implementation of Your Business Strategy

exhibition stand

exhibition stand

The goal of exhibition marketing is to boost the awareness of the business, enhance its visibility on the trade fair and spread its messages towards the market. In this type of marketing, Activteam employ unique strategies and deliver advantages from methods as visibility techniques, leader strategy and display media. First of all, they analyze the company and recognize its objectives and according to that, device a suitable event strategy. The goal is usually to take the business to to boost its visibility, increase the brand awareness . More so, efforts are supposed to get the attention of target market and look for prospects from them.

Regarding the stand preparation, the target budget helps the stand builder to stay inside the budget and provide the best solution for the available amount. The color mix is important, with the information how the space should be divided. Depending on the exhibition targets, a closer design with meeting rooms and VIP areas is more favorable for negotiations or enhancing already existing customer relationships. For newcomers or companies launching a new products an open space can reach their exhibition targets. The exhibition target is a key information for a professional exhibition stand provider to develop the right concept.

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Exhibition Marketing

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exhibition design

Exhibition marketing is an exceptional way to build your business identity acknowledged outside in today’s worldwide markets. Every business requires new clients but we ought to take into account any particular one of the easiest and best means of generating money is correct beside you. Yes it can be these loyal customers who may possibly have learned with you and the company. Earning clients to your business could perhaps be expensive, and the average spend of repeat customers is whopping 67% in comparison to the new one. So have some energy put inside the marketing team making sure that the exhibition stand design company can coming up with some creative stand design ideas that would help your team sell more.

Today, businesses deal with fast transformations like rarely ever earlier. Globalization has accelerated the markets and possibilities for more development and earnings. Although, ever more different marketplaces have any exhibition covering up a broad variety of needs and demands, that must be noticed when exhibiting if they are to turn into strong brands.

Visual exhibition marketing starts with the stand design to reflect the products in the graphics and presentation displays. The purpose is to create a warm, friendly, and approachable atmosphere for customers.

Visual exhibition merchandising brings together the product, surroundings and space into a stimulating and engaging exterior and interior that create positive image of an organization and results in attention, interest, desire and action on the part of the customer.

We are in a time when merchandise innovation happens every day. Before another company steals new ideas or creates a similar item, one’s product have to be launched in the exhibition the perfect state is achieved and successfully – for obvious reasons, naturally. Get more customers to purchase through the company, then more profit will likely be earned in the process.

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Inventive Exhibition Stand Construction

Inventive Exhibition Stand Construction and Product Presentation – Networking With Activteam.

Activteam’s people-centered excellent quality focuses on human behaviors that generate “right the first time” results.
As a reliable exhibition stand construction company, making custom exhibition stands offers a broad range of exhibition solutions. With our people, our reliable values, our decades of working experience and our technical expertise, it’s our excitement helping you to develop the most suitable exhibition environment, your perfect space.

We exhibit your company with brilliant visual attraction and elegance. Our knowledge as exhibition stand builder, have been established over the years as an competent and responsible partner for your shows Europe wide.

Integrating eye-catching graphics, powerful audio visual elements, welcome and conference spaces and fantastic product showcases to set your brand on the spot.

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Exhibition stand design and build

Covering the whole manufacturing reliable, high quality and on time, we implement advanced technologies combined with custom design capabilities. Clean, smart, highly efficient solutions are designed to boost building precision in a competitive exhibition world.

Our exhibition stand design and build services are the best option for firms presenting on multiple exhibitions Europe wide, making a substantial impression at events.

As the stand finishing can tell a lot about exhibitor’s image, quality components, can generate an noticeable difference in the overall booth visual appeal. Tidy, smart, highly productive alternatives are designed to increase building precision in a highly competitive exhibition world.

Activteam is an exclusive resource for custom exhibition stands, personalized printings and modern solutions. We produce designs, all stand elements and all graphics in house, supplying an entire range of services from design to set up, leaving you time to concentrate on the show and benefit from the exhibition.

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Exhibition Stands Construction

Activteam stand construction, established as a leader exhibition stand builder in the European trade shows. With our careful design of custom exhibition stands, we help many different companies to achieve notable success.
Our exhibition stands are constructed in-house using superior quality components that adapt to all trade show regulations. Our passion is the design and quality of our work and our reputation for quality and support.

We exhibit your company with brilliant visual attraction and elegance. Our know-how as exhibition stand builder, have been established over the years as an efficient and reliable partner for your presentations Europe wide.

Our exhibition stand construction techniques integrates eye-catching graphics, dynamic audio visual elements, welcome and conference spaces and fantastic product showcases to set your brand on the spot.

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Exhibition Design

Activteam exhibition design approach, understanding the organization brand, products, needs and objectives, as well as the motivation behind customers, communicating the client’s message, concept and image to visitors.

Improve the interaction of your customers. Increase the publicity of your brand with an exceptional custom design. A beautifully custom designed exhibition stand will definitely bring your company to the spot.

Incorporating the style and the attributes of an a corporation in the design with the attributes and company philosophy, generates a well-known perception of the company and reveals the style and the qualities of an organization on the fairground. Maximize the communication and stand out with a well evolved design concept and expand the interaction within relevant target groups.

Experience throughout many industries delivers an exchange of information that support companies, to create award winning designs, ideal way to display their services and products, and guarantee their position as a market innovator.

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Be Recognizable, by your design characteristics.

exhibition stands

exhibition stands

Be recognizable with your exhibition presentation by using the corporate design characteristics.
Your exhibition stand should represent your brand and your business’ values. You ought to be able to bring your world to your customers through your stand design. Let them know you. Endeavor to be outstanding so people will remember you even after the event. Let them know that you care by guaranteeing that you leave an open line connecting you and your customers. Let them know that they can reach you as well. Bring in leads and make sure to follow up with them.

Exhibition stand features It is important that you exhibition stand design attracts new customers and help you to stand out from your competitors, both at the time of the exhibition, as well as when the exhibition has ended.
Our design flair is not restricted to just your stand design – we can propose a full creative design package, including, eye catching signage, on-stand entertainment and attractions, multimedia, stand fly through animations, interactive product displays and many other features to increase your stand visitor numbers and follow up opportunities.

An exhibition stand design should be consistent with your brand so people will remember your brand if they see it again. You also need to assure that a follow up strategy is set up. Provided that the planning and execution of your exhibition stands are efficient to how you will follow up your leads, then you should get the results that you desire.
Activteam creates innovative custom exhibit booths and helps to enhance memorability, providing a full service from concept and design of your custom exhibit booth, right through to the opening day of the show.

Contact our project management team now and find out how we can help you make a major return on investment at your next exhibition.

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All around service for all your needs

exhibition design

exhibition design

Activteam provides full exhibition stand construction and design services with integrated, innovative solutions to exhibition construction and event related requirements Europe wide.
Highly creative exhibition stand design, superb quality and comprehensive support services mean your exhibition or conference will always be a success.

To make stand construction affordable, easy and attractive, Activteam offers professional project management for your your presentations Europe wide. We can maintain your visual branding in each exhibition and adjust your stand into any space or give your exhibition appearance a refreshing look.


  • Innovative exhibition design
  • Stand construction and installation
  • Graphic design and production
  • Custom stand construction
  • Full Print Service


Exhibition construction in following cities:

Amsterdam – Basel – Berlin – Bern – Birmingham – Bozen – Brussel – Dortmund – Dusseldorf – Frankfurt    Friedrichshafen – Hannover – Hamburg – Cologne – Leipzig – London – Lyon – Milano – Munich- Nurenberg – Paris – Stutgartt – Verona – Zurich

Our European exhibition management and build up services will reduce your costs and increase the results.
We offer a reliable and efficient design and construction network. As a concerned exhibition stand contractor, we provide you an optimum cost/result performance when preparing and managing your exhibitions in all European geographical regions inclusive the Middle East.

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Intelligent Design Solutions

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exhibition stand

design solutions

To fulfill the top-quality specifications of exhibitions stands customization needs, Activteam exhibition stands design strategies guarantee high exposure of exhibition presentations and projects designed for functional efficiency. We supply the ideal design solutions, all types of exhibition stands, styles and customized suggestions to boost exhibition presentation performance and visualize products and services. Drawing on in-depth expertise of exhibition presentation techniques, Activteam can assist you assuring, the efficiency of your promotion, trustworthy and steady supply of exhibition services while keeping exhibition expenses fixed.

Activteam provides a extensive assortment of stands to help you maximize your exhibition presentation. Our professionals offer exhibition stand design, build and execution on the fairground, project management from the initial stage until the end of your projects. Covering your exhibition objectives, delivering results until your complete satisfaction.

With customized software for design, manufacturing, exhibition advertising assistance, Together with decades of experience building customized stands for global exhibition specifications, we have the fit-for-target solution you require.

At the creating stage, there is one online meeting with our project manager. This meeting is where we have to establish what you are planning on to perform at the trade show. Another meeting deal with the design appearance and functionality. These are details on acknowledging your corporation and the whole design process of the exhibition stand. We assess items like dimensions and partitioning, entrance-ways, free spots, illumination etc.

Immediately after we have these specifics, our designers begin the design and soon we will be presenting and looking over the finished 3D renderings, you will receive a quote of our services. Right after your agreement, we manufacture, deliver and set up your exhibition stand at the fairground.

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Quality at Every Step

exhibition stand build

We exceed client’s expectations on exhibition build. We listen and act upon customers wishes. We treat clients with respect and are transparent in our dealings. Our end goal is to build long-term trusting relationships with our exhibitors.

Demonstrate continual quality improvement. By consistently focusing on quality, we commit to excellence in all that we do. We encourage new and innovative ideas to enhance our effectiveness. Build work right the first time. Our work is continually checked by the supervisors and craftsmen who build the work, ensuring it is built right the first time.

Look around on our webpage and find the details you need at your fingertips: Activteam offers design, construction, and wide range of capabilities for built exhibition structures-including large exhibition stands, double-deck stands, for every industry. The regional presence, lean structures, and effective processes of our operational units allow us to operate cost-effectively here in line with all exhibition needs.

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Custom Design, Optimize Your Event Presentation.

Improve the interaction of your target market. Optimize the visibility of your brand with an excellent custom design.
A perfectly custom designed exhibition stand will definitely bring your company to the spot.In order to make a statement at your next exhibition, look into the newest developments and styles that are being used by exhibitors. Factors such as the nature, industry, theme, budget, and target market are also equally important while planning the design of the exhibit.

Our designers develop the look and feel and transform an abstract identity into a face people like and have confidence in, as a result exhibition design is the art of finding the right combination of abstraction and emotion.

Incorporating the custom design and the attributes of an a organization in the stand with the features and company philosophy, establish a well-known appearance of the company and reveals the style and the qualities of an organization on the fairground. Maximize the communication and be noticed with a well evolved design concept and improve the connection within focused target groups.