Our Designers Transform Good Design Into Great Design

exhibition stand build

Design is an vital component of a successful exhibition booth. It showcases craftsmanship and imaginative thinking that results in the promotion of products or services introduced. Exhibition booth design has been improving rapidly due to the progression of technology.

To be able to make a impression in a trade show, one must look into the newest tendencies that are being used by exhibitors. Elements such as the nature, industry, theme, budget, and target market are also quite as important while preparing the design of the exhibit.

The booth design should be efficiently-made. It would only take one look from the visitor to be able for him to distinguish the product or services from the competitors. These visitors are potential clients and they must understand that the products offered are better, unique, and more beneficial than the others. The differentiation strategy is the key and must be applied along with other elements of engineering, architecture, and marketing.

For Activteam’s exhibition booth designers, great design requires continuous attention to the smallest details. This attention to detail, separates good designers from great ones.

It’s the knowledge to work with high quality requirements, using high skilled workforce, outstanding design development, expertise with careful attention to fine detail.

Designers with the abundance of ideas, of concepts and the experience about the variety of architectural styles cooperate with experienced exhibition marketers to develop unique concepts. The use of the latest CAD technology in the booth design, an advanced administration and logistics system, guarantee timely manufacturing, delivery and assembly of the exhibition booth at the fairground.