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New Design Concepts – Creating a Remarkable Exhibition Design


Innovative Exhibition Stands Solutions: Research Highlights.


We continuously improve a range of modern creations to assist meet constantly growing requests in exhibition presentations, while also providing a target specific approach. Our in-house portfolio includes design, manufacturing and exhibition marketing, customization procedures, presentation techniques and new materials.

exhibition stand design

Custom Exhibition Stand Designs – Targeting an Exceptional Presentation.


Exhibiting at trade shows is a vital part of many organizations marketing initiatives.
Develop with Activteam superior concepts and all visual elements, skillful exhibition stand designs that interacts with the audience. Our sophisticated concepts increase customer relationships, as they deliver a particular desired experience, content, images, and emotions.

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Exhibition Stand Designs – Solutions and Unique Styles.


Creating a custom exhibition stand design will allow a company to open doors to achieving business success. Customized designs can create the desired picture, the feeling and the image and execute a practical and advantageous way in which assures businesses of immense positive aspects and countless advantages.

Activteam Exhibition Stand Designs – Creation and Innovation Advantage


Custom designed exhibition stands with a strong visual character and innovation gives an organization its own look, makes the company recognizable, increase the importance.
Implementing in the exhibition stand design company’s characteristics is a key issue specially in today’s crowded markets, where the exhibitor can get lost in the crowd.
By Activteam you will find the best designers, project managers and exhibition marketers to help getting your organization started with your design and strategy.



Increase Your Reputation With Intelligent Solutions

Beautiful and effective bespoke exhibition stand designs that generates profits is the result of a professional approach. Professional design integrates consistency, contrast, symmetry, balance of proportions, thereby transmitting, credibility and reputation.
Create a winning exhibition stand
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Activteam – Creation and Innovation Advantage

Innovative concepts designed to increase customer’s interactions, deliver a certain desired experience, content, images, and feelings that enhance a association between company and customers.

Exhibition Stands

Tailored Exhibition Stand Designs

Custom-made exhibition stands with a winning, industry related look as well as superior appearance are the secret for your exhibition success.


Exhibition Services

Get Noticed With an Eye-Catching Design

Unique styles, exhibition stands for global acting companies and brands that searching for a professional exhibition approach, to improve they brand name, to promote new products and services.


Exhibition Design & Build

Exhibition Design Solutions Oriented on Results

Activteam helps businesses from every industry, creating Intelligent award winning designs to achieve your exhibition goals.


Exhibition Stand Design

Discover Customized Design Solutions

Extraordinary custom exhibition stand designs will not only fascinate the customers, but more importantly, set up a remark about your corporation in the minds of your clients.


Exhibition design

Exhibition Stand Design – Support at Every Step

We consider all our designs as distinctive, and even while showcasing can be quite demanding, you can be confident that we are here to guide you in the process.


Exhibition stand built

Exhibition Designs for Global Brands

We offer exhibition stand designs for worldwide operating brands and companies that wish to establish their presence in the market. Achieve your targets worldwide.


Exhibition stand design

Get Started With Our Design Guide

Find out design options, tips and tutorials and discover how o to create an industry related, marketing target oriented exhibition concept.

Exhibition Stand Design Concepts for Every Industry:

  • Consumer electronics
  • Consumer goods
  • Heavy industry and machinery
  • Hi-tech, software
  • Illumination and furniture
  • Machines
  • Sport products and services
  • Transportation
  • Pharmaceutical and chemical
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