exhibition stand suppliers


Activteam exhibition stand supplier, is the first name in custom built exhibition stands. With excellent exhibition stand design and manufacturing abilities, providing world-class event presentation solutions for companies and brands looking for a modern and professional exhibition methodology.

When searching for exhibition stand suppliers is necessary to consider the expenses of your trade show before you start a campaign. Although trade show presentation is pricey, it might be extremely financially rewarding to your organization, which is truly worth the time to research for an optimized solution. Marketing companies are extremely costly rather of suitable for every single company. An exhibitor need to have an overview that the investment remains in a great financial location before investing.

With high skilled designers and workforce, Activteam is under the exhibition stand suppliers, the first choice for many global acting companies and brands, when exhibiting in the UK, Germany, Italy, France, Netherlands, Switzerland Spain and the UAE. With customized exhibition stand solutions, quality exhibition booth manufacturing for every industry, helping multinational acting companies and brands to stand out.

New product launch or maintain existing customers are different targets and require a different strategy in exhibition stand presentation and design. Activteam exhibition stand design concepts are aligned with exhibition marketers that help exhibitors to create their message and presentation combining the information and messaging with the right exhibition design concept. Create an exhibition stand according to your marketing strategy.