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When searching for exhibition stand suppliers. Best service means attention to every detail.


We remain in a time where development occurs every day. Before another business takes creativities or produces a comparable product, a new product will be released in the next event. A trade show presentation needs to succeed - for obvious aspects, naturally. Get more customers to purchase through the business, then more revenues will likely be produced while doing so.

When looking for exhibition stand suppliers is necessary to consider the expenditures of your exhibition marketing plan prior to begin a campaign. Although custom exhibition stands can be expensive, it may be very financially satisfying to your business, which is genuinely worth the time to research for an enhanced solution.

With Activteam the exhibition marketing plan is part of our services. Design development and application of marketing techniques is included in our effort to increase the visibility of your business on the fairground.

The Activteam marketing department will examine your items, services and business promotion strategy. Our tridimensional approach of design, marketing, and construction management, differentiate Activteam as exhibition stand suppliers for high-end stands.

We understand precisely what our customers truly require: We have a performance history kept of every customer we are handling, exactly what are their requirements, and their long term exhibit targets. To help them to prepare, establish and handle their exhibition projects.


Get an Efficient Exhibition Stand - We assist you with our expertise and experience.

When looking for an exhibition stand supplier, the crucial skills are to be quick, imaginative and detail-oriented. An effective exhibit stand manufacturer will focus on sophisticated types of marketing either for a new or an old recognized company.

Among the most important aspects to think about in developing and assembly an exhibition stand is the target market. After all, an exhibition for fashion is most likely to be far various from that of a furniture fair. The visitors of each of these trade shows are probably to look for numerous things and, thus, the exhibition stands need to be developed to trigger their interest in the items.

Another vital element that should be taken in factor to consider, is the overall visual and style. There is a specific sensibility that needs to be applied to the design, whether it is thematic, excessive comprehensive or incredibly minimalistic.
An exhibition stand not well designed and prepared will look unattractive and unruly, making prospective clients to dismiss it as awful. An exceptionally basic one will, nevertheless, not stand out in the crowd of the trade show. It is for that reason crucial to achieve a balance in the style, a capability that few exhibition stand suppliers have.

Keep in mind, typically the exhibition stand is commissioned ahead of time. This indicates that precise information needs to be provided in guaranteeing that the stand fulfills the specifications. In truth, much of the preparation is performed in advance of the exhibition so when the assembly date comes, the exhibition stand suppliers require simply assembly the stand parts at the designated location.
With all these issues, bear in mind that when preparing an exhibition stand, you have to ensure to have just the best suppliers to manage your project. Activteam stand designers, marketing department, project managers and high skilled builders will help to bring your project to realization.

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Exhibition stand solutions to continue growing your business

Activteam supplies the ultimate modern options in custom-made exhibition stands to enhance the impact of your next trade fair, developing custom-made stands that take exhibitors far beyond the current image, producing a constant corporate identity throughout your exhibitions. This means your brand, your message, will acquire momentum as visitors see it on the exhibitions.

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