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Exhibition booths design and fabrication: Efficient project management, quick response times and flexibility.


Exhibition booths - Get differentiated support, starting from the preliminary idea and concept to work planning and final execution.

Activteam offers a diversity of exhibition services, including custom exhibition booth design and fabrication Europe wide. Planning and manufacturing tailor-made exhibition booths is one of our main competences. Our services are extraordinary fast, reliable and flexible.

We have the best exhibition booths to meet your distinct advertising objectives and logistic requirements. Activteam uses the latest technologies for exhibition booth construction and the highest level materials. That means persuasive and precise graphics, excellent installations, smart designed exhibition displays, exhibition booths and services that integrate reliable, effective.

The booth finishing can tell a lot about a company’s image. Superb finishing, clean and well painted surfaces, by using high quality materials make a notable difference in the overall booth appearance. A tidy constructed exhibition booth is essential. Activteam is well-known for tidy, high-level finishing and is the first place for exhibitors looking to increase their brand awareness and image at the trade show.
Booth parts like lightboxes build with no visible lighting sources, no shadows, with lights equally distributed, will result in a perfect appearance showing a professional presentation. Quality printings, perfectly placed are important, making a consistent exhibition booth that will increase the exhibitor's trustworthiness at the trade show.


Exhibition booths: Design and construction for every field and exhibition targets.

With the experience of two decades designing and constructing superior custom exhibition booths, with internal production and design studio, qualified designers, experienced project managers, any exhibitor can find reliable support to achieve their trade show targets.

Experts that helps to design and construct a trade show booth presentation aligned with the exhibitor's objectives. From high-technology exhibition booths to products display, new services introductions, governmental booths etc.. Activteam designers and building facilities, provides skillful created concepts for every field, products or services. Activteam exhibition booths can be find on nearly every exhibition in Europe and in the Middle East.

We produce a fascinating style

In every trade show, exhibition booths are certainly the very first impression that attracts visitors.
Presenting on an exhibition is a great way to get visitor’s notice your brand name, item, or services. It is a great method to promote your company producing revenue from new leads. When done the best method and with the aid of professional exhibition booth builders.

90% of the exhibition success is preparation, preparing an exhibition booth presentation is essential for the trade show accomplishment. The true figures at the end of the exhibition, will show if the business objectives have been reached and the efforts have been reached.

Much work enters into the design and construction of custom exhibition booths. From concept to design, from fabrication to the last details, exhibition stand contractors face constant challenges. Because exhibition booths are often assembled in short periods of time. In addition, they must be both attractive and inviting to the exhibiting company and visitors.

An important aspect to take into consideration is the general idea and design. There is a certain noticeability that requires to be implemented to the booth concept no matter the design style, conventional, modern or thematic. An very simple booth will, not stand out in the crunch of exhibitions. It is essential to accomplish a balance in the design.

Activteam use only, high quality materials as, glass, plexyglass, enlightened logos, wooden build parts in its unique hand-made exhibition booths as well as quality lighting and multimedia.

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Optimize results and stay inside budget.

At Activteam exhibition booths are created according to the exhibitor's budget plan. Utilizing maximum of structure as printings, lightboxes and so on to supply an exhibition bootjh with the very best cost-benefit.
Contact us for the most cost-effective, premium option for your exhibition requirements.

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Activteam offers exhibition booths at the following countries:

UK: London, Birmingham - Germany: Dusseldorf, Frankfurt, Hanover, Cologne, Berlin, Munich, Dortmund, Essen, Friedrichshafen, Hamburg, Leipzig, Karlsruhe, Nuremberg, Stuttgart - France: Paris, Lyon, Bordeaux - Italy: Milan, Vicenza, Verona, Bologne - Netherlands: Amsterdam - Spain: Madrid, Barcelona - UAE: Dubai