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Innovative exhibition booth design - Leading concepts.


Get an impressive exhibition booth design that targets market sector leadership.

Appealing exhibition booth design presenting the business's special qualities and corporate identity, brings attention. Attention is the first needed to bring in target consumers.

We are designing for business searching for a worldwide exhibition plan for their exhibitions in Europe and Middle East: Germany, France, Italy, UK, Dubai; who are searching for exhibition booths that target the right audience segment. To produce professional designs that show their corporate and brand identity, we create a range of designs aligned with the brand name and brand identity.

It is important to present the unique components of a company and revealing them through different forms of media.
From combining the brand colors to the corporate attributes, the brand should be be recognized by the audience in the shortest possible time. Activteam turns your exhibition presentation in success.


Customized exhibition booth design: Effectiveness and efficiency creates winning projects

An exhibition booth must be at same time effective and efficient, components that must be managed in the booth production process. That’s seems good in principle, but in practice how this will work?
Lots of exhibitors doing the things right, however refraining from doing the right things. They are effective, but not quite focused on the efficiency.

The preparation of an exhibition booth design, begins with defining the exhibit goals and the function of the presentation. Our project managers and exhibit marketers will assist you to specify and execute your exhibition targets and effectiveness factors in the new custom-made exhibition booth solution. Our assistance when creating an exhibition booth is effective from the project preparation stage until the end result.

As effect of both efficiency and effectiveness we offer quality, which will be your vital sign on the exhibition. Absolutely nothing is more frustrating than the loss of costs, time and effort, by producing a unsuccessful project.

Activteam provides effective oriented exhibition booths where aesthetics and functionality coexists, achieving complete satisfaction and meeting the exhibition targets. We focus on effective process when reading your requirements, your targets, your needs, and we concentrate on effectiveness on the results. Is this not every exhibitor is looking for when preparing a new exhibition booth?

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Get attention and be identifiable in the first 5 seconds

Exhibit visual branding can state a great deal of things about a company. Branding is powerful when it is distinctively remarkable. Often it takes just numerous seconds for a business to be remembered or to be lost amongst competitors.
To survive and succeed a business must preserve the visual branding by developing and building an unique exhibition booth, that is remarkable in between hundreds or countless exhibitors.

A customized exhibition booth design is a complicated cluster of images that is frequently difficult to define with words. A custom exhibition booth bring method and tact to how these images are translated and presented in the trade show, which leads to an unforgettable brand experience for consumers.

Exhibition booth design and build services Europe wide

Today Italy? Tomorrow France? Or maybe Germany? Preparations for the next exhibitions in the UK? Activteam is an exhibition booth design and building and company that creates, constructs and manage your exhibitions in Europe and the middle East.

Our administration tools supply control and introduction of your project, from the building phase, until the shipment. You will have your tasks or several exhibition jobs under control. Our experient management group, provide effective support from receiving your requirements, during the design phase until the stand delivering on the trade fair. With experient exhibit marketers and our two factories focused on custom-made exhibition booths, we supply remarkable exhibition services.

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Activteam offers exhibition booth design at the following countries:

UK: London, Birmingham - Germany: Dusseldorf, Frankfurt, Hanover, Cologne, Berlin, Munich, Dortmund, Essen, Friedrichshafen, Hamburg, Leipzig, Karlsruhe, Nuremberg, Stuttgart - France: Paris, Lyon, Bordeaux - Italy: Milan, Vicenza, Verona, Bologne - Netherlands: Amsterdam - Spain: Madrid, Barcelona - UAE: Dubai